How To Use Vachti

1.  First and foremost, don't mix our oils .  This is because that won't necessarily increase the results and also because it may increase your risks of getting an unwanted reaction from using the products.  
2.  We recommend that you alternate between the oils.  By this we mean, you can use the peppermint oil today, and the rosemary the next day and so on.
3.  Gently massage the oil into your scalp for a few minutes. If you have curly hair, you can segregate your hair into small parts to avoid missing out on any areas.

Use circular motions to gently rub the oil into your scalp. Work your way across the entire scalp for 1-2 minutes.

4. After oiling daily for a week or two, wash the hair with our shampoo and conditioner set.  If you have locs, wash as needed.


1.  Before you shampoo your hair, make sure you fully soak it. Soaking your hair in hot water will help open up the cuticles and loosen the oil that's already in your hair. Make sure the water is not too hot to not cause damage to the hair.

2.  You should rinse for at least a minute; this allows the water to start rinsing gunk out of your hair and makes it more receptive to the nutrients in your shampoo.

3.  Use the right amount of shampoo. If the amount of shampoo you use is bigger than a quarter, you're using too much. Unless your hair is very thick or very, very long, a quarter-sized amount is enough
When you're shampooing your hair, you should really only lather it at the roots and the nape of your neck and then work it through to the ends. In other words, don't place more shampoo at the end of your hair and work it through from bottom to top.

4.  Condition from mid-hair to ends. If you condition your hair after you shampoo it, don't use conditioner on your whole head – this can make it feel weighed down and greasy, especially at the roots. Instead, condition from about the middle of your hair to the ends.
5.  Rinse out the condition using cool water, which will seal your cuticle.
You should generally condition your hair every time you shampoo. If your hair is damaged from heat or over coloring, you might want to try a deep conditioning treatment once a week in addition to your regular conditioning.

6.  Towel dry your hair. Once you've washed your hair, towel it dry to remove most of the moisture from it and then let it air dry. This is the best way to prevent damage to your hair.