Your First Line of Defense?

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According to Cosmopolitan, your conditioner should be your best friend when you’re trying to grow your hair fast. You should moisturize your hair every single time you get it wet in the shower. Over time, coloring and heat styling cause strands to get thinner at the bottom, which can lead to more breakage and shorter lengths.
      So to get your ends back to good health, load up on conditioner, which helps replace the lipids and proteins inside the hair shaft as well as seal the outer cuticle. Basically, it’s your first defense against the damage that threatens your long-hair goals.

      Don't condition your hair from roots to tips. Hair closer to the scalp is new and healthy, but at the ends hair is older and needs a little extra maintenance to stay healthy and beautiful. That's why hair needs to be conditioned only from the mid-sections to the ends.

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