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According to Dove.com: A hair wash is so much more than just cleaning your hair, it’s like therapy. It seems almost impossible to think that there are right and wrong ways of doing it though.  Keep on reading to learn how you can enjoy your hair wash without worrying about damaging it.
Rinse Thoroughly
Make sure that you rinse your hair thoroughly with water before shampooing. Shampoo lathers better on wet hair and spreads evenly. You’ll also notice requiring lesser shampoo to wash your hair if you wet your hair properly beforehand.
Rinse with Warm Water First
Use lukewarm water to rinse your hair. The warm water will help open the cuticles of the hair so that the shampoo can penetrate deeper and remove dirt and oil from the hair. The open cuticles will also be able to absorb the oil and moisturizing effects of the conditioner better.
Mix with Water
Avoid using shampoo directly on your scalp, instead mix it with some water. This will ensure that the shampoo spread evenly throughout your scalp. Secondly, you end up using much lesser shampoo than you would had you applied it directly.
Don't Shampoo Only the Hair
It’s the scalp that needs the most attention while shampooing because the roots are often the oiliest. The ends of the hair are comparatively older and dry and thus end up getting more dehydrated after being washed with shampoo. So focus more on cleaning the scalp rather than the ends of your hair. Rinse out the shampoo with warm water.
Don't Apply Conditioner on the Scalp
Remember never to apply a conditioner on your scalp, as that’ll make the roots oilier than they naturally are. It’s your hair that needs the most hydration and thus, should be conditioned from the mid until the ends of your hair. The ends of the hair are the driest and need additional moisturizing, therefore, apply more conditioner at the ends and leave it on for longer. Continue with your shower while you allow the conditioner to work its magic.
Washing off Conditioner with Water
Wash your hair under cool running water to wash off the conditioner. The cold water will help close the cuticles and retain moisture. This will ensure that your hair doesn’t absorb more moisture from the environment and turn frizzy.


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